Preserve, rejuvenate or resurface your paved assets with proven, cost-effective treatments that extend the life of your asphalt surfaces and also achieve your sustainability goals. The Asphalt Preservation Company can greatly reduce your lifetime asphalt maintenance cost and the risk of early pavement failure.


Apply BIORESTOR to new asphalt. BIORESTOR’s all-natural oils penetrate the asphalt and reduce hardening of the binder at a molecular level by replacing components lost to oxidation. No more brittleness and cracking!


Enrich the surface with new bitumen with a fog seal to replace the bitumen lost through sun wind use.


Rejuvenate oxidised asphalt surfaces with a thin application of SteelGuard polymer sealcoat. It counters the loss of surface material, seals cracks and creates an even, black surface that can withstand the rigours of nature and traffic.

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